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Origami Peace Tree Event

26 July 2011

Image from the Origami Peace Tree Project website

The Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University, NY is hosting the Origami Peace Tree 911 Memorial between 7 September 2011 and 15 September 2011. The organizers are inviting members of the origami community to participate in this tribute to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks, as we mark the 10-year anniversary of this event. Participants will not receive a diploma or booklet, just the opportunity to commemorate the “day the world changed.”

The requirements for the models follow:

  • Maximum of 2 models per participant
  • For each model include a card (5×10-cm or 2×4-inch, white cardstock) with the following information:
    • Model’s name
    •  Designer’s Name
    • Folder’s  Name
    • Folder’s country and city (No need to include full mailing address)
  • Please send:
    • Everyone is welcome to submit whatever they choose. However, the organizers would appreciate models  appropriate to a USA theme (featuring its cultural and geographic diversity).
    • Modular Origami in the colors of red, white and blue are appreciated
    • Any size of model  is okay
    • All models sent for OPT 2010 become the property of the Host, according to the rules of OPT.
  • Deadline for models:  31 August 2011

Address for models:
ATTN: OPT 911 Memorial
Suite 302
Charles B. Wang Center
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook,  NY  11794-4040

The Organizers:

  • Jennifer Iacona and Shrikant Iyer of the Charles B. Wang Center
  • Alex and Larisa Levashov  of the Akira Yoshizawa Museum-Theater  of Origami

Contact person:  Shrikant Iyer and Jennifer Iaconna

For more information, visit

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