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Braided Paper

29 July 2011

This braided paper project by J.C. Nolan was one of the first seemingly-“advanced” projects I completed as a beginning folder. It took me a couple of days to figure out how to complete it as some of the instructions were difficult for me to understand at the time.

See the braided paper instructions (PDF file).

This is one of the few patterns I can do by heart, as well as one of my favorites. Before a recent trip to Europe, I created luggage tags using free maps I found for my carry-on bags. I pasted my contact information onto the back of the piece and sealed the whole creation with a few coats of Mod Podge. Then, I placed an eyelet in one of the corners and some string.

For this braided paper project, I used:

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  1. Ash permalink
    4 June 2012 4:34 am

    Hello there, Fantastic luggage tag you have there, what a fabulous idea. I am really interested in making the braided paper but unfortunately I get very lost from step 7 onwards. Could you please enlighten me as to what the xray view means? and how I am to proceed from the step 6 windmill base? Any help is very much appreciated. I tried looking online for step by step pictures/ videos but to no avail. Thank you in advance.


    • 4 June 2012 11:25 am

      Hi Ash,
      This diagram is difficult to understand. Start with a basic windmill base, and squash fold (I think that’s the right term) the four pointed tips of the windmill so they meet in the middle (so your model looks like the figure in Step 6). Then, sink all the corners. X-ray view, I believe, means that you need to complete the folds on the inner layers of paper, behind the triangle shapes that you see on the surface of the model (see this picture for Steps 7 and 8).

      I, personally, don’t sink the paper as instructed in Step 8 because I ALWAYS end up ripping the paper at the middle crease. Instead, I skip Step 8 and valley fold the same edge of the paper after Step 10. The finished result looks slightly different (well, I think it looks basically the same), and you don’t end up ripping the paper.

      I hope this helps. Good luck!



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