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Eric Joisel Tribute Exhibition

1 September 2011

I am part of an origami email list and received the following news from Jorge Pardo about a tribute to the late Eric Joisel:

It’s a year now since Eric was in Zaragoza, in August 2010, when he participated in a meeting organized by the Origami Zaragoza Group. This year the Group  is organizing a tribute exhibition in Zaragoza (Spain), which will then be moved to the great Paper Museum of Angouleme (France). We would be delighted if more cities were interested in showing this great exhibition.

We are trying to get Eric’s friends and admirers to participate in some way in this event, and would like to invite you all to participate by sending a butterfly to be placed at the exhibition. We have decided that all the butterflies should be the same model and size. The model is the one that Alexander and Michael designed to honor Eric, the (diagram) can be found on Eric’s website (  The paper you must use is 15 x15cm bicolor. You must also write the name of the folder and place of origin, as well as a nice wish on the inside of the paper. Please send your butterfly to the following address:

Felipe Moreno
(Exposicion Homenaje a Eric Joisel)
Villa de Hecho, 4, 1 B
50007 Zaragoza

Find the butterfly diagram here.

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