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Participate in the Origami Heaven Exhibition

1 August 2012


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Origami Heaven is an exhibition that celebrates the art of paper folding at Stony Brook University’s Wang Center. Even if you can’t go to the event, you can still participate through the streaming sessions (

The following is from the Origami Heaven website:

Please visit to join us from your home.

You can sign in as guest, no password is needed, but your location will be
appreciated. Feel free to chat using the chat window. Microphone access
will not be available to avoid the class from being disrupted. A moderator
will try to answer your questions. Please be patient as this is a new thing
we are trying to figure out. We are very excited that you will be with us
at Origami Heaven.

Schedule of streamed events (all times are EDT GMT-4:00):

  • Saturday August 4th
    • 11:30 am Workshop on designing boxes with Christine Edison
    • 1:15 pm Origami Heaven Pin Exchange
    • 5:00pm Origami Fan Paint workshop with Sok Song and Uyen. (You will need color/paint in addition to paper for this class. )
  • Sunday August 5th
    • 1:00pm  Joseph Wu Owl-with Marcio Noguchi
    • 2:00pm “Crane it in”-workshop on connected cranes with Andrew Hans
    • 3:30 pm Stamm/Joyce dragon with Ros Joyce. Amazing variation of Stammdragon. (ideal paper to have is florist foil).

*What will the format of the class be?*

We are streaming a regular class with live teacher and students in the
classroom. The teacher will be talking. Every class will have a moderator
who will be sitting near the camera and keeping an eye on the chat window
when you can ask questions by typing. The moderator will also be folding
the model for the camera so the online students can watch the closeup of
the folds. If you miss a step or can’t follow for some reason, please don’t
be discouraged. We will record these lessons and post it on the website
soon so you can rewind/forward the lesson as many times as you want to
catch up. Since this is so new, we will try our best to accommodate
everyone but everyone must realize that a teachers priority will be the
students who are in the live classroom to not dilute their experience.

You can build on your own experience by inviting some origami friends to
your home and joining the fun. They might also help you with a fold or step
that you might have missed. It makes it all the more fun. Imagine little
classrooms all around the world with a teacher at Origami Heaven!

If you want to attend Origami Heaven from your iOS or Android device, you
could use the following apps:

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  1. 1 August 2012 7:26 pm

    Looks interesting, maybe I will follow it.


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