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How to Equally Divide Paper into Uneven Parts

15 February 2013

(I have no idea if this title makes any sense.)

I hate it when diagrams instruct me to divide my paper into equal thirds, fifths and (even worse) sevenths. I mostly hate it because I’m lazy and dividing paper into odd segments requires a ruler and math.

Well, Wonko of the Setting the Crease blog is here to the rescue! The blog’s author, Peter Whitehouse, was kind enough to post on his site a trick for folding paper into thirds, fifths and sevenths. Thank you! Check out his how-to post.


Two Fractions Bowls

“Two Fractions Bowls” folded by Rebecca Gieseking


A person who left a comment on Wonko’s post explains that if you want to divide paper into the mentioned fractions, you have to:

If you plot the lines in a xy-plane, the x value is simply 1/3 (assuming that the sides of the square = 1.

Sorta the same thing. If you plot the lines out with the last one being at 11.25 degrees, it will just happen to go through (1/5,1)

I have no idea who figured this one out, but again, plot a line out to (1,1/7) and figure it out.

Well, all I know is that I’m going to print the images and keep them in my origami caddy for future  reference.


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