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Origami Dog

5 March 2014

This cute dog comes from the book Origami Omnibus. I made the first one with a more “normal” dog color. The second one is made from double-sided origami paper that’s blue and orange. The model looks like an origami dachshund or origami miniature pincher.

origami dog

origami dog

Origami Pinwheel

26 February 2014

I’m not sure of the practical uses for this origami pinwheel model. I guess you could use it for a greeting card or gift tag.

origami wheel

You can learn to make this in the book Origami Omnibus.

Dollar Origami Butterfly

19 February 2014

I love origami butterflies! This one comes from Won Park’s book Dollar Origami: 10 Origami Projects Including the Amazing Koi Fish. As you can see, the fake dollar bills that come with the book are printed on paper that’s a bit thick, so it ripped. Still, it’s a nice model.

origami butterfly

Origami Dollar Frog

12 February 2014

I’ve never eaten frog legs and don’t plan to. However, this origami frog is how I imagine they look.

origami frog

You can learn to fold this dollar origami model in the book Dollar Origami: 10 Origami Projects Including the Amazing Koi Fish.

Origami Elephant

5 February 2014

Yup, a green origami elephant. Why not.

origami elephant

You learn how to fold this model in the book Origami Omnibus.

Origami Bunny

29 January 2014

Here’s a cute origami bunny. The model is flat, so it would work well on a greeting card.

origami rabbit

Find the diagram for this model here.

Follow Me on Instagram

27 January 2014

I now have an account on Instagram. About time, right?

My username is Fl0ragami (The “O” is a zero).

Click here to see my profile and to follow me.


Origami Crab

22 January 2014

A lot of origami crustaceans, it seems, aren’t simple to fold. This crab from the book Origami Omnibus is a different story. Try it for yourself.


origami crab

Dollar Origami Penguin

15 January 2014

This dollar origami penguin comes from Won Park’s book, Dollar Origami: 10 Origami Projects Including the Amazing Koi Fish. The book is a kit that comes with fake money to fold.

origami penguin


Origami Peacock

8 January 2014

I got a new pack of origami paper, theĀ Origami Paper Mega Pack, that comes with about 895 sheets of patterned paper for a good price. I used the paper with the peacock print to make an origami peacock.

origami peacock

You can find this model in John Montroll’s book, Origami for the Enthusiast.