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Origami Dragon

1 January 2014

This origami dragon comes from the book Origami Omnibus, an essential book to have in an origami book collection.


origami dragon

The paper that I used is tant, which is too thick for this model, but great for other ones.

Origami Songbird

26 December 2013

Akira Yoshizawa made the model for this origami bird.

origami bird

Origami Duck Swimming

18 December 2013

If you like to make origami animals, you’ll like the book Origami Treasure Chest. That’s where I found the model for this cute origami duck.

origami duck


Origami Duck

5 December 2013

My last post had an origami duck that is swimming or sitting. This one has feet.

origami duck

You can find this model in the book Origami Treasure Chest.

Origami Kangaroo and Roo

4 December 2013

This cute origami kangaroo model comes from one of my favorite origami books, Origami for the Connoisseur. If you look closely, you’ll see a baby roo.

origami kangaroo

Origami Mouse on an Origami Tricycle

27 November 2013

I got a new Japanese origami book that has diagrams for different vehicles, critters and people. This is an origami mouse and origami tricycle that my cousin and I made.


Origami mouse

Origami at the Narita Airport

22 November 2013

During his trip to Asia, my dad had a layover at the Narita Airport. One of the terminals has several origami displays. These are the pictures he sent me.

Where have you seen good origami displays?

Origami home

Origami forest

Origami cranes

Origami garden

Napkin Origami

27 September 2013

If you go to Jack in the Box and order a $6 box-type meal, you’ll find a few diagrams for napkin origami.


I guess you have to start your origami endeavors somewhere.

Geocaching & Origami

17 September 2013

I took this origami triceratops out with me geocaching the other day. He had no luck finding a cache in the forest, though.


Origami Songbirds

16 September 2013

My cousin and I made some origami birds. He had some fun taking pictures of our creations. His is the cream-colored bird that looks more falcon-like. I tried to make mine (the white one with a hint of blue) look like an eagle, butĀ  it ended up looking more like an origami seagull.





To make these birds, we used the “songbird” diagram from Robert J. Lang’s book, The Complete Book of Origami.