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Origami Elephant

5 February 2014

Yup, a green origami elephant. Why not.

origami elephant

You learn how to fold this model in the book Origami Omnibus.

Origami Bunny

29 January 2014

Here’s a cute origami bunny. The model is flat, so it would work well on a greeting card.

origami rabbit

Find the diagram for this model here.

Follow Me on Instagram

27 January 2014

I now have an account on Instagram. About time, right?

My username is Fl0ragami (The “O” is a zero).

Click here to see my profile and to follow me.


Origami Crab

22 January 2014

A lot of origami crustaceans, it seems, aren’t simple to fold. This crab from the book Origami Omnibus is a different story. Try it for yourself.


origami crab

Dollar Origami Penguin

15 January 2014

This dollar origami penguin comes from Won Park’s book, Dollar Origami: 10 Origami Projects Including the Amazing Koi Fish. The book is a kit that comes with fake money to fold.

origami penguin


Origami Peacock

8 January 2014

I got a new pack of origami paper, theĀ Origami Paper Mega Pack, that comes with about 895 sheets of patterned paper for a good price. I used the paper with the peacock print to make an origami peacock.

origami peacock

You can find this model in John Montroll’s book, Origami for the Enthusiast.

Origami Dragon

1 January 2014

This origami dragon comes from the book Origami Omnibus, an essential book to have in an origami book collection.


origami dragon

The paper that I used is tant, which is too thick for this model, but great for other ones.